Robyn Greenspan, MS

Robyn Greenspan, MS is a skilled wordsmith with the soul of a journalist, the mind of a marketer, and the heart of a storyteller.

Throughout her career as a university professor, corporate content strategist, and presentation coach, Robyn is dedicated to creating intellectually stimulating and innovative learning environments. With an unwavering commitment to creativity and performance development, Robyn utilizes a diverse portfolio of proven frameworks and engaging exercises to meet people where they are, discover their unique voices, and uncover their innate innovation.

Robyn is the author of the workbook, “Dopamine Hacks: How to Mind Shift and Mood Lift Your Way to Motivation,” now available on Amazon. Dopamine Hacks is a collection of activities intentionally designed to stimulate imagination, foster positive self-reflection, boost inner confidence, and rekindle pleasant memories. This powerful feel-good combination kickstarts the brain’s “happiness hormone” – dopamine – enabling a mind shift and mood lift that drives motivation.

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