Joan Lunden

An award-winning journalist, bestselling author, television host, and motivational speaker, Joan Lunden has been a trusted voice in American homes for more than 40 years. For nearly two decades, Lunden greeted viewers each morning on Good Morning America making her the longest running female host ever on early morning television.

Lunden continues to be one of America’s most recognized and trusted journalists which has made her a sought-after speaker for events across the country. As an ardent health & senior advocate, Lunden has testified before the Food and Drug Administration advocating mandatory mammogram reporting and the Congressional House Ways and Means Committee advocating for the Family and Medical Leave Act.

Lunden is the host of the PBS television series, Second Opinion with Joan Lunden and the Washington Post Podcast series, Caring for Tomorrow on the future of healthcare. Lunden is also the ambassador to the Poynter institute’s MediaWise for Seniors program which educates individuals over 50 on media literacy – separating fact from fiction online. Recently, Lunden also served as a visiting professor at Lehigh University in their College of Health teaching Population Health and the Media.

Strategies for Success: Women’s Path to Power & Reinvention

Lunden will share how much times have changed for women over the past 50 years, the obstacles they have had to overcome, and having experience in constantly reinventing herself and her career Joan advises on how to use reinvention as a tool for success.


Kymberli Speight

Annual Maine Women’s Conference at Holiday Inn By the Bay in Portland, Maine on Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Hundreds of attendees gathered for this year’s theme, Ignite Your Vibe, spending the day learning from various speakers on a wide range of topics, enjoying the exhibitor hall, networking, food and drinks, and hearing the fantastic keynotes Grace Killelea and Kymberli Speight. (Photos by Whitney J. Fox Photography)

It’s an Inside Job: Networking for Internal Engagement, Employee Retention, and Building Trust. Leaders and team members learn and experience high-level teaming behavior through advanced networking concepts that focus on unique talent appreciation and collective trust.

 Key Take Aways: The audience will learn about building authentic relationships based on what they can give versus what they can get. They will learn the three keys to building solid, mutually beneficial relationships. Employees will know the fundamentals of perpetual cohesive team building that leads to higher level performance and employee retention.

Kymberli Speight believes in enhancing your personal brand to reach your target audience. She is an author, professional speaker, and workshop facilitator. She wrote the book I Need To Know You: How to Meet Ordinary Extraordinary People and Improve Your Life where she shares her original research on networking.

Kymberli knows people do business with, promote, and work well with people they know, like, and trust, but first, you must become known. She also believes that people’s stories play a powerful role in changing the lives of others. Everyone, not just celebrities, has a story worth being told. She regularly speaks to audiences about networking: becoming more known, becoming more likable, and building trust.



What if the right question or a drawing can make you feel good? Or help your team problem-solve in new ways? Build inner confidence and self-motivation?

In this interactive session, Robyn Greenspan, Storycraft.Coach and author of Dopamine Hacks: How to Mind Shift and Mood Lift Your Way to Motivation, takes you on a creative journey to overcome burnout, rediscover your imagination, and remind you of your greatness.

Whether you are an individual searching for a confidence boost or respite from corporate demands; a manager looking to increase morale and harness the collective genius of your team; an educator who wants a fun way to engage students; or you’d like to deepen your own conversations, this session will demonstrate how to self-activate a new level of thinking.

Robyn will lead you through a series of activities that stimulate imagination, foster positive self-reflection, rekindle pleasant memories, and boost inner confidence. You will quickly experience how this powerful combination triggers your brain’s “happiness hormone” – dopamine – that shifts minds, lifts moods, and results in motivation and access to new possibilities.

By the end of the session, you will have tried something new, opened space to explore potential, and learned why you are valued, along with reminders of your internal resources and courage. The only requirements are paper, pen or pencil, and the willingness to explore what makes you so special.

Robyn Greenspan, MS is a skilled wordsmith with the soul of a journalist, the mind of a marketer, and the heart of a storyteller.

Throughout her career as a university professor, corporate content strategist, and presentation coach, Robyn is dedicated to creating intellectually stimulating and innovative learning environments. With an unwavering commitment to creativity and performance development, Robyn utilizes a diverse portfolio of proven frameworks and engaging exercises to meet people where they are, discover their unique voices, and uncover their innate innovation.

Robyn is the author of the workbook, “Dopamine Hacks: How to Mind Shift and Mood Lift Your Way to Motivation,” now available on Amazon. Dopamine Hacks is a collection of activities intentionally designed to stimulate imagination, foster positive self-reflection, boost inner confidence, and rekindle pleasant memories. This powerful feel-good combination kickstarts the brain’s “happiness hormone” – dopamine – enabling a mind shift and mood lift that drives motivation.



Alisa's Promo Pictures 005_edited (1)

Confident and Credible Leadership: How to Navigate Gender Differences in Communication Do you want to enhance your leadership skills and influence in the world of business? Do you want to learn how to overcome the challenges and biases that arise from gender differences in communication? In this session, you will discover the practical differences between how women and men interact, and how these differences affect the way you are perceived by others. You will also learn techniques to increase your confidence and credibility as a leader, and how to use your communication style to achieve your goals. By the end of this session, you will be able to:

  • Recognize the common patterns and pitfalls of gendered communication
  • Identify your own communication strengths and areas for improvement
  • Apply strategies to communicate effectively and assertively with different audiences
  • Handle difficult situations and feedback with grace and professionalism
  • Boost your confidence and credibility as a leader in any setting

Alisa Lee Hunt, PhD: A Leader Who Knows How to Learn and Teach Alisa Lee Hunt is the Dean of the Malcolm Baldrige School of Business at Post University, where she oversees the academic programs and faculty development for one of the largest online business schools in the nation. She has a PhD in Education, specializing in how people learn and retain information, and more than 30 years of experience in various fields of business and leadership.

Alisa started her career as a Certified Public Accountant, rising to the level of partner in a prestigious firm. She then ventured out on her own, creating a successful accounting practice that she sold back to her former partners for three times the purchase price after two years. She then pursued her passion for cooking and became a chef and restaurant owner. She also developed skills in carpentry and construction, building cabinets and houses.

Alisa has traveled extensively across North America and Europe, delivering corporate training and public speaking on topics such as communication, leadership, diversity, and innovation. She is an expert on how to navigate gender differences in communication and how to lead with confidence and credibility in any setting. She is also a lifelong learner who constantly seeks new challenges and opportunities to grow.



Renee DiNino

Renee DiNino is the Director of Community Affairs & On-Air Programming for iHeartMedia in Connecticut, the midday host on The River 105.9, and host of an hour-long syndicated talk show on all 10 CT iHeartRadio stations.

As a mid-day host on The River 105.9, her show entertains listeners through the workday with lifestyle and Hollywood celebrity updates and interviews. Daily features include The Healthy Tip of The Day, Adoptable Pet Picks, Recipe of the Day, Community Spotlight, The Artist Spotlight, and Trending Headlines. Additionally, she hosts Acoustic Sunday Mornings on The River 105.9 from 7 am to noon.

Renee has received many accolades for her community service and has been awarded numerous Humanitarian Awards. Some awards she’s extremely proud of are:

  • Celebrity Ambassador for Campaign for Bully-Free Communities 2016 – present
  • Connecticut Education Association’s Media Person of the Year 2020
  • Person Of the Year 2019, St Patrick’s Day Parade – Hartford
  • The Animal Advocacy Award 2019, The Gertrude O’ Lewis Humanitarian award from the Connecticut Humane Society
  • 2018 Unsung Hero & Presidents Award for Special Olympics Connecticut
  • Channel 3 Kids Camp Woman of The Year 2016
  • Mental Health Advocate of the Year 2017 for The Jordan Porco Foundation.

She serves on multiple boards and committees including; End Hunger CT, Kenway’s Cause, Inc, March Of Dimes, FoodShare, Operation Fuel, Special Olympics Connecticut, and Autism Speaks, amongst others.

Her most recent pet projects have included working with Connecticut Legislatures on the passing of an animal advocacy bill, working with Campaign for Bully-Free Communities as an Ambassador, Children’s Causes and Literacy, and Military/Veterans’ centered nonprofits. One major issue in Connecticut she is passionate about is working with Animal Control Officers to educate the public on the over-population of animals and the proper surrender of them.

In addition, you will see her weekly on WFSB Channel 3’s Better Connecticut with her Better Weekend report & blog and the Lost & Pound Pet segment. She is also a journalist for Season’s Magazines and CT Voice where you can read her quarterly Pet column.

Renee is married to her very handsome husband, Sal and they have a furry child, the love of their life, a 100lb black shepherd rescued from the streets of Hartford, Luciano. When not at the station or at one of her many community events, she enjoys cooking, gardening, and playing music.

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